5 things that can be Happen in Raw this week

5 things that can be Happen in Raw this week :- If we keep in mind the end of wweRaw last week, then it will not be wrong to say that the company is now trying to isolate the racers of its two teams. At this time Dean Ambrose is in a very different idea and it looks like he is going to leave his team, so it will be interesting to see how quickly he does this. If they change the team so soon then the fun of this story will get spoiled. This week's WWE Evolution is also going to happen, so the company would like to pay more attention to this week in Raw.


Ronda Rousseau cut the most promising promo so far and if it was said that it was by far the most promising promo of the Women's Division, then there would be no wrong thing. Fans appeared to be very excited by this promo and it proved that Paul Heman is in front of the camera or behind, he always wins in promos. The reason for this is that Heman is being told behind this promo.


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5 things that can be Happen in Raw this week

#1 Shield is still Together

WWE Universe was hoping for Dean Ambrose's return and when he came back with a new look in Raw before the SummerSlam Show, the fan looked not only excited, but he also started thinking about the fact that now he will have the right story How will i get Bronstrom started this because he told Dean about him and since then there are considerable changes inside the shield. It is believed that the 'Dogs of War' would like to be separated, but doing so before the Survivor Series will not be perfect at all.

The reason behind this is that if Deans tries to cheat their group in the Survivor Series, then they will get to see some more amazing matches during the match being done during the Royal Rumble, and it has started, so now it is only to see. That's when Dean cheated his teammates.

#2 Leading charms: Alexa Bliss and Mikey James vs Trish Stratus and Lita


Trish Stratus and Lita attacked Alexa Bliss and Mikey James with their promos in Raw, which is October 15, 2018, but we all know that it is not possible for anyone to get a better promo cut from Alex Bliss, and on that basis these women Wrestlers will use every such method so that they can hip their match in this show.

We have seen that Trish has been the first victim of Mikey and Alexa has also called Trish "Miss Irrelevant", due to which he stepped forward, but now this week Raw's show will be released from the next Sunday's WWE Evolution Show. If this is the last show of the first time, then all these four wrestlers will work in the ring. Attack them on one another or during a match, the Hall of Femers will attack the existing welders, it will be interesting to see.

#3 Ronda Rauzi come and cut Nicky Bullo's Promo Promo

When Ronda Rauzie cut his wild promo on Nicky Balla, the fans could not believe that they would get such a huge promo from a female wrestler. The promo of this promo was that it was in charge of Paul Heman who cut himself a very good promos.

During this promo, Rona called Baila sisters 'no good ballad' and if the company wants to take this story forward, this week Nikki Bulla should come and cut a promo on the Rhonda which will stop the existing Raw Women's Champion Beach, And when he has cut his promo, he will strike the ballad sisters.

If this segment ends the show then it will be a matter of discussion this week and because of this, the curiosity will rise on the show that will take place on Sundays, which will benefit the show.

#4 Natalia and Ruby Royte backstage fight

Natalia and Ruby Reyat had fought each other in Raw last week, and in Ruby they have the talent that they can become a competitor for the Women's Championship in Raw. He has performed well since his main roster debut and if the company wants to push him forward then he will have to come in a good fiddle, so that he can become the number one contributor for the Women's Championship.

For this, a fide with Natalia will be good, starting with a conversation which will later turn into a scuffle and then by joining the Baron Corbin, apart from these two racers, make a number one container match between them, due to which we have a Good match will be seen.

No female wrestler is fighting in WWE Crown Jewel, so the company will have enough time to be able to hip match between them, because these two wrestlers will prefer the match between the two wallets only when they become a good match level.

#5 Cut a promo on the DX Brothers of Destruction


In WWE Super Show-Down, the two racers of these two teams, Triple H and Undertaker were in the way of match that feud would not go forward, but the company did some strong promos cut through these two teams. After that and the possibility of getting this match in WWE Crown Jewel increased.

At one time it seemed that this show in Saudi Arabia would not be possible because a journalist was killed in Saudi Arabia and since then the press was pressurizing the company to cancel the show, but now it is better now and The big promos are pointing out that there will be a match between them. We hope that they are not like a match in WWE Super Show-Down.

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