wwe crown jewel news || Will Crown Jewel Cancel ??

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There is still doubt about whether the Crown Jewels in Saudi Arabia will happen or not. Tickets for the Crown Jewel have not yet been made available by WWE.

wwe crown jewel news

wwe crown jewel news :-

According to some recent reports, WWE officials can go to information about the situation in Saudi Arabia within a few days. Crown Jewel has become the biggest headache and the most discussed topic for the company this week. While rassling knowledgeable Dave Meltzer also gave feedback on Crown Jewel.

wwe crown jewel prediction 2018 || wwe crown jewel matches

On November 2, the WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view is being organized in King Saudi University Stadium, Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. This will be WWE's second event in Saudi Arabia after the Greatest Royal Rumble. This mega-event will also be broadcast on the WWE network.

WWE has left no stone unturned to advertise this event and he has excited the fans on this event by putting some high-profile matches in this event.

In this event, all the big WWE Superstars are going to be involved. So far this event was announced by John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Undertaker, Ken, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Roman Renaissance, Braun Stroman and the name of Shawn Michaels, who returned to in-ring action about 8 years later. Have been done.

Here we will look at three reasons for being excited about the WWE Crown Jewel, so let's start:

#1. Shawn Michaels Returns

wwe crown jewel news

#2.  WWE's First World Cup

wwe crown jewel news

#3. Daniel Brian vs AJ Styles

wwe crown jewel news

wwe crown jewel news || Will Crown Jewel Cancel ??

The Crown Jewel has not been booked yet, while some twists can be found. It is believed that some big stars can stay away from this event. It has been speculated that John Cena may also withdraw his name from this show. Dave Meltzer gave big uptake if not Cena.

Although it is not yet decided on behalf of WWE whether or not the crew will be sewn in the jewel. Well, WWE is working hard on its event. In the coming days, it will be clear whether it will be in Saudi or elsewhere.

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