wwe raw results 22 october 2018 :- Wwwe Raw results live

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wwe raw results 22 october 2018

wwe raw results 22 october 2018 :-

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Ronda Rousey and Bella Twins Segment || Wwwe Raw results live

Bella Twins has come in the ring. Rhonda has also come. On seeing Ronda, Bella has gone out of the twin ring. Ronda called them up After this Nikki Bulla said to Ronda a lot while being personal. Ronda was quiet this time and the control he did on his own. Nicky signed on contract but Ronda did not. Ronda talked of answering all of this in Evolution PPV and went away.


Paul Hayman's Segment || wwe raw results 22 october 2018

Paul Heman: My dua champion is with Roman Rena. Everyone knows what Roman Rena did in the locker room. There is inspiring Roman Rena for everyone. I will tell this whole world. The title used to shoot them only. The fences used to come here for the Roman Rena. The Roman Ranes will always remain and remain number one. Roman Rena did the tax and he was always a fighting champion. But what will happen now

Lesnar and Stroman are left in Crown Jewel. This match will be with them. But Storman is not worthy of confronting Lesnar. Then the Universal Championship will be again with Mer client Brock Lesnar.

Storman has come in so many And they talked about winning the championship by defeating Lesnar. And again in Raw spoke about bringing the championship. Straiman has told Lesnar to go to Hal. In the back, McIntyre came in so many hit Kik Storman and then went away.


 Segment of DX || wwe raw results live blog

Triple H and Shawn Michaels have come in the ring. Both came and remembered the old memories of Undertaker and Ken and told to defeat the Crown Jewel twice badly. After this, Undertaker and Kane also came on the big screen. He also defeated them and told them to get retirement


Eline vs Apollo Cruise || wwe raw results 22 october 2018

The match has started between the two superstars. These matches did not last long. According to the way Apollo threatened to Elias last week, he did not see it here. Elías easily defeated Apollo Cruz.

At the stage again, the cardamom is playing and playing music. Baron Corbin came and asked to stop this comedy. But do not believe in cardamom Baron Corbin has hacked the wire. And they stopped all these and asked to leave there. After this, Elias blew him on the Bairan Corbin with a guitar.


Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose vs McIntyre, Jigger (Tag Team Championship match) || wwe raw result today

All superstars have come in the ring. The match has also started. There was a great match for about 20 minutes. Fans put a lot of chants, but what happened after that nobody had thought. In the middle, Storman came first. Storman now takes a backstage while hitting McIntyre. Jiggler was alone in the ring Seth Rollins has won the tag team title by hitting his finishing move

But suddenly Dean Ambrose celebrated Seth Rollins with Dardy Deeds. The fences are silent. After this Dean has badly beaten Seth Rollins. The fences are shocked. Shield is now broken.



Finn Buller vs Bobby Lashley || wwe raw results 22 october 2018

Both the superstar have reached the ring. Bobby Lashley is very angry and started attacking as soon as possible. These matches did not last long. Finn has won the match by taking advantage of the opportunity and roll-up.


Roman Rense Segment || wwe raw results

The Roman Rance has come in the ring. They do not wear shield gear.

Roman Rens: I apologize to everyone. For the whole year, I am here and I say many things. Every week I work as a fighting champion. But all this is a lie. Because the truth is that their real name is and for 11 years I was living with leukemia disease.

But now he has come back again. I will not be able to completely fill my roll. Nor will I be a fighting champion. So I'm leaving my Universal Championship. wwe gave me a chance. Bring me in front of the fans and my dream is complete. It does not matter that the fans have cheered or did buo. It is good that I will now be able to focus on my family and health.

This is not a retirement speech but they will come back again. When I come back I will not be at the top nor will there be a title. I will return soon.


Roman Rans thanked the fans And Fans planted the Chanets of Thanks Rome. And then put your title between the ring while dropping it. And went away. Come on stage, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose embraced him and everyone has tears in his eyes.

Sasha Banks VS Ruby Reyat

With Sasha Banks, Natalia and Belly also came in the ring. The Ryuit Square has also reached. The fight has started. Ruby Reyat is constantly attacking Sasha.

Sarah and Liv are also fighting with Natalia and Belly outside the ring. Ruby Reyat has thrown Sasha into the ring with a tremendous humiliation. Ruby has hit Face First Sasha at Turn Buckle. Sasha went to the corner and hit double D.

Sasha covered but Liv and Sarah have come. Natalia and Bailey sent them out of the ring but gave the ball to both of them outside the ring. Sasha threw Liv and Sara by punishing them. Seeing the opportunity in the ring, Ruby won the match by giving a royat kick to Sasha.



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