Wwe Raw Results :- Results || Highlights Of 15 oct

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wwe raw result 15 oct 2018 :-

wwe raw result 15 oct 2018

Roman rains Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose vs Braon Storman, McIntyre, Jigger

Wwe Raw Result 15 Oct 2018 :- wwe All superstars have reached the ring. Jiggler and Seth Rollins started the match Jigler killed the Crossbody and threw Seth. Ambrose has come. Jigler is constantly cheating Seth and Dean. The Roman Rena has also come. Reins dropped Jolger by closing the klothline. Storman dropped the Roman to the corner. Stroman again went to the Roman to give a spell, but Roman withdrew. Roman put Stroman in the ring post. And after that Samoa is dropping drops. By constantly tagging, all are broken on one another

Continuous talk is going on between Ambrose and Rollins. Jigler took advantage of this and gave the jig jag cover to Dean. Dean escaped. After this Macintire also came, but Roman Rena has come and saved Dean Ambrose. Roman Renaos first threw Stroman out of the ring. Then gave McIntenier a fantastic spire. Jiggler came from behind but his jig Jack was blocked by the Romans. Shield later gave Triple Powerbomb to Jiggler and won the match. After the match, Reynolds got his title and Rollins captured his title.

nside the ring, Stroman has given power to Jigglers. After that Bron left. But McIntyre has hit his stromman with a tremendous finishing move.

wwe raw result 15 oct 2018 :-

Natalia vs Ruby Reyat :- 

Wwe Raw Result 15 Oct 2018 :- Revenue Squad has arrived in the ring. Natalia then came with Mike He said that he has not come here alone. He called the Belly first and then called Sasha Banks. Sasha Banks has made tremendous return. He came in with the ring. Fight has started between Natalia and Ruby. The two constantly attacked and constantly counted each other. Ruby Reyat is always going out, Meanwhile the referee explained to him.

Natalia dropped the rope to the top rope. Live and Logan came and saw Ruby. She got into the ring. After this, the Sharp shooter Natalia put it on Ruby. But they came to save them. Natalia won the match through disqualification. After the match the two teams got together.

Handicap match (Kurt Angle VS Author of Pen)

Wwe Raw Result 15 Oct 2018 :- Akam and Razzar have started the fight with Kurt Angle. Baron Corbin is also sitting in the chair watching these matches. Match match and razor match in the mask. Akam and Razor easily won the match. After the match, when Maskman opened his mask, then he was a jober and not Kurt Angle. But after that suddenly Kurt Angle came to the Angles Slam and installed Corbin.

Finn Buller VS Jindar Mahal :-

Finn Baller and Bailey have easily defeated Jindar Mahal and Elisa Fox. As soon as Balar and Bailey were celebrating after the match, Lashley came. Leo Rus commented on the buller and the bullers went after it. Then came the Tylor Bridge. The fight between Tyler and Lashley has started. Lashley has defeated Tylor Bridge very easily.

wwe raw result 15 oct 2018 :-

Dean Ambrose VS Dolph Jigler

Wwe Raw Result 15 Oct 2018 :- The fight between the two has started. Ambrose has thrown Jigger to the shoulder. Ambrose pinned but nothing happened. Ambrose again gave spectacular supplex. Ambrose pinned 3 to 4 times in a row. Jigler is saying something to the referee. Jigler was then given by the Crossbidden Dean. Ambrose has thrown Jigler into the barricade. Inside the ring, Jigler has hit Face First for Dean Ambrose. After that it has hit a great kick. Jigler has then killed Dean Ambrose on the post.

Ambrose has killed the closeline Jigger. Ambrose has then dropped Jiegler by placing Elbow. Jiggler has also dropped Dean after a brilliant closeline and elbow shoots. Ambrose covered upperhand and covered, but Jigler survived. Ambrose climbed to the top rope but Jigler dropped him. From Top Rope, then Dean has plunged him off the top of McIntyre. Seth Rollins has also come.

But as soon as he went to Dean Ring, Jigler knocked him down and beat him. Jigler and McIntyre went after this. Rollins are completely confused. Ambrose has also caught the head. Rollins come in the ring, but ambos is not ready to talk. The matter has increased between the two. The Roman Renaissance again came to take over. General Manager Baron Corbin has arrived. Corbin has again made a six-man tag team match.

Amber Moon, Naya Jacks VS Dana Brook, Timina

Wwe Raw Result 15 Oct 2018 :- Amber Moon and Naya Jacks first entered the ring and then with Dana, Timina returned. The match was great enough. Tamima and Naya Jacks also got to watch in the ring. Although there was no special match in this match. These matches were easily won by Amber Moon and Naya Jacks.

After the match, Naia and Moon were saluting. Tameena said something to Aacara Jacques but Moon came in the middle. The thing worsened so much that Nea Jacks had thrown Timina and Amber Moon out of the way before and Moon tried to throw Timina out of the ring. Dana came back from behind, and both of them left the ring.

Naya Jacks and Amber Moon won the match

wwe raw result 15 oct 2018 :-

Announcer showed DX Reunion last week. After this came Ken and Undertaker's promo. In which Ken said that DX was built on the foundation of lies. At the same time, the taxman said a lot about Shawn Michaels' respect. In the last eight years, he has not earned any respect. He is still scared.

We will face DX in Crown Jewel and fear of Shawn Michaels will be seen here. Ken said that even though Triple H won in Australia, we will finish it in Crown Jewel. Ken said that RU Ready had said that. Taker said that for both of us we would say rest in peace

Sath Rollins VS McIntyre

Wwe Raw Result 15 Oct 2018 :- The World Cup Qualifier match has started between the two. Seth initially killed Drake Kick McIntyre. Rollins threw McIntyre on the floor. Rollins put a suicide dive but McIntyre caught hold of them and slammed them on the floor. Jigler is supporting McIntyre from the outside.

Rollins climbed to the top but McIntyre dropped them. The splendid Chop Rollins has been killed by the Drew. Rollins hit the mouth of the great kick McIntyre. McIntyre has covered superb supplex and covered but they have been kick-out.

Folks cheering on Rollins. Rollins is now killing McIntyre. Jigler has also started interfering from the bottom. The music of Dean Ambrose is ringing. But Ambrose has attacked Jigger from behind in the middle of the crowd

McIntyre came and dragged Dean back from behind. Rollins dropped McIntyre on the floor. Rollins has come in the ring. The referee has started counting. But McIntyre could not come into the ring and Rollins won the match through the count out.

Rollins Won The Match

Storman, Jigger and McIntyre Segment

The three superstars are present in the ring. Jigler: We wwe have the best wrestler and team in history. McIntyre: They all know what we have done.

Stroman: We've proved last week. And will do even further. All we have seen in the rematch was seen by all. What did Dean Ambrose do? McIntyre: We did not win matches, but broke the shield. How we have done Dean against the Roman Renaissance and Sath Rollins. Now Dean Ambrose's eyes are open. Stroman: I'll be a champion by defeating Roman Rannes and Lessoner in Crown Jewel

After this McIntyre and Jigler talked for the World Cup. Qualify told about the match. But the Rollins and Roman Ranes have now come. Dean not seen with them

Rollins is saying that the shield is not broken. Still we are alive. Rollins said Shield as the best after this. Roman then talked about Storman and talked about breaking into the Crown Jewel. Saat Rollins has asked McIntenair to qualify for the match right now.

wwe raw result 15 oct 2018 :-

Welcome to the live commentary of Hello RAW. Raw after the Super Show Down has been very great. And now after this, fans are waiting for this week's RAW.The RAW is going to be quite spectacular. After Super Show Down, Shawn Michaels and Triple H challenged Ken and Taker to come to Raw

Now this week Ken and the taxman will come and answer. How long will this event go to wait for everyone?

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