5 Reasons who prove that AJ Stiles should be included in Raw next year

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One of WWE's most spectacular superstars, AJ Stiles has been twice the WWE World Champion. Recently in the episode SmackDown Live, AJ Stiles had to lose his WWE title against Daniel Bryan. AJ Styles was WWE Champion since last 371 days.

According to reports, due to Ajay Stiles losing title, his contract was. AJ Stiles wants to do new contracts with WWE for three years and want to make changes in their schedule (less work). But the WWE wants to include them as a full timer for the contract for 5 years.

AJ Stiles, who has been part of 32 PPV, was about to fight Brock Lesnar in Survivor Series but after losing the title against Daniel Brian, he did not become part of this competition. AJ Styles is currently working as the topmost superstar of SmackDown Live, but the time has come for WWE to join them in the Raw brand.

Let's take a look at the same link for those 5 reasons why AJ Stiles should be drafted in the Monday Night Raw in 2019.

wweraw news 23 nov 2018

#Aj Stiles going to Raw will not affect SmackDown Live's viewership

wweraw news 23 nov 2018

In the last few years we have seen that SmackDown Live is where a wrestler gets the chance to become a superstar. SmackDown Live offers a much lesser storyline than RAW. Apart from this, the Authority also gives much attention to RAW.

SmackDown Live currently has superstars capable of handling the roster. To make AJ Stiles a big superstar, they have to draft in Raw. Apart from this, going to AJ Stiles's RAW will not have a special effect on SmackDown's viewership, because there are still superstars like SmileDown like The Miz, Daniel Brian

wweraw news 23 nov 2018

#Raw's show will be a big advantage

If AJ Styles are drafted at Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 35, then fans will be able to see many of their best battles. At this time, if there is a need for such a champion of Monday Night Raw, then come in consecutive weeks to give a fantastic fight.

Apart from this, AJ Stiles can benefit Raw by joining the Lo-card racers. He can team up with Bobby Rood and compete with the superb tag team. As the WWE is continuously giving Big Push to Drew McIntyre and moving forward in the form of a heel, in such a way, as a babyfix, Ace Stiles can be seen by Drew McIntyre, a staggering combat fan.

Most of Raw's storyline includes Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Bron Storman and Brock Lesnar, so joining AJ Stiles's Monday Night Raw will make Tehelka stricken.

wweraw news 23 nov 2018

After coming to RAW, he will be attending the main event of PPV

wweraw new 23 nov 2018

Though AJ Styles may be the main event in the form of superstars, but in the big PPV, their muscle is always in the middle of the show. We think this is really tragic. Given the kind of performance that AJ Stiles has been giving since last 2 years, he deserves to be in the main event of the big PPV.

AJ Stiles has the ability to compete with a strong opponent in the ring as well. Often the RAW brand superstars are seen in the main event of WWE's big PPV. In such a case, WWE should draft AJ Styles in Monday Night Raw.

AJ Stiles was last seen in Fastlane PPV's Main Event in 2017. Do you think it is unfortunate that most fan favorites and spectacular performers do not have to be in the main event of PPV.

wweraw news 23 nov 2018

# Fans will be witness to Dream Bombs

AJ Stiles is the dream antagonist of many big superstars. AJ Stiles always gives their anti-superstars the opportunity to move forward due to their ringing capabilities. Having stepped into the company in 2016, AJ Stiles has become the company's most superb superstar.

AJ Stiles has joined in the WWE with big superstars like John Cena, Roman Renaissance, Finn Buller and Brock Lesnar, so far in his career. All these bouts were quite hits. But AJ Stiles is yet to get involved in one-on-one bout with Drew McIntyre, Kurt Angle, Sath Rollins and Braun Straiman.

All these superstars are part of the Raw brand. Until AJ Stiles becomes part of the Raw brand, these superstars will not be able to become part of the competition. In such a case, the company wants to let Ajay Stiles draw in the RAW brand and make Fans witness to these dream bouts.

wweraw news 23 nov 2018

#WWE to win the Universal Championship

wweraw news 23 nov 2018

AJ Stiles has acquired almost everything in SmackDown Live. He has won the WWE Championship in addition to the United States Championship. Honestly, for now AJ Stiles is not left to do something in SmackDown.

Universal title in almost all of the WWE's PPV remains the subject of most discussion. We think the company should include AJ Stiles not only in the Raw brand but also for the sake of the Universal title but also to make them the new Universal Champion.

Many fans are not quite happy with Brock Lesnar becoming the Universal Champion. Because Brock Lesnar defended the title on large PPVs and did not look at Raw's shows. Apart from this, the fancy of the company's top title part timer superstar was not liked. We think that WWE will soon have to consider AJ Styles to be drafted in RAW.

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