These 5 WWE veterans may be hostile to Drew McIntyre

The company is showing Dru McIntyre as a big superstar in order to meet the lack of Roman REN at this time in Monday Night Raw. There is no doubt that Scotland's Dru McIntyre has made itself a big heel in the company and has changed quite a lot from the past.

He surprised everyone by the huge thing found on Kurt Angle and it was clear that he would get a big push in the coming time. But, in the future, will anyone have the courage to face them?

There are quite a lot of WWE veterans whose career has almost come to an end, and maybe the face of the druck may be with anyone. Let's know about five WWE veterans who can start their animosity with the Drew.

#1 Brock Lesnar

These 5 WWE veterans may be hostile to Drew McIntyre

After winning the Universal Championship once again, Lesnar and WWE are being seen to hate Fans. Brans Stroman wants to win the Universal championship instead of Fans Lesnar.

WWE spoils things like every time and does something that fades out angry. Although it must be believed that Vince McMahan does only what is best for this business.

If he believes that Brock Lesnar will work as a universal champion, then there will be a reason behind it. At WrestleMania 35, we can see Brock Lesnar losing his Universal Championship and his opponent can be someone else's but not Dru McIntyre.

#2 Goldberg

These 5 WWE veterans may be hostile to Drew McIntyre

Goldberg is one of those superstars who can retire after losing against superstars such as Drew McIntyre. Goldberg is considered to be one of the great wrestlers of the wrestling industry, and fences are very eager to watch them.

He fought his last fight against Brock Lesnar in 2017. Since then, he has not been seen fighting in the ring. In such a way, their return can be quite good at WrestleMania 35. If Dru and Goldberg face it then the fences will not be annoyed at all.

Even though WCW veterans will not like to lose against a NXT champion but they can do the job of fighting against the Drue and showing them bigger. Goldberg has not been seen inside WWE for months and if he is to be hostile then Goldberg will have to come back soon.

#3 The Big Show

These 5 WWE veterans may be hostile to Drew McIntyre

From time to time, Vince used The Big Show to showcase a superstar. A lot of fans have expressed resentment over the condition of Big Show in the company, but they are still working for McMahan. Big Show and Bron Storman's antagonism last year saw a lot of benefit.

Once again we can see something like this, but this time, not the enemy of Big Show Storman, but the next big superstar of the RAW will be the DRU.

# 4 John Cena

These 5 WWE veterans may be hostile to Drew McIntyre

During his career, John Cena has achieved all the things people can just imagine. At this time he is not seen much in the company, but he can prove to be a good opponent for McIntyre. If both have never faced and former NXT champions are getting such a big push in Raw then this is likely to happen.

#5 Batista

These 5 WWE veterans may be hostile to Drew McIntyre

Batista is considered to be one of WWE's greatest wrestlers and now she has also become a big Hollywood actor. However, Batista herself wants to fight in a fight by returning to her ring.

He had fought his last fight several years ago since that we have not seen him fighting in Batista Company.

This year, he made his comeback for the SmackDown 1000, for a second we felt that the antagonism of Triple H and Batista is going to happen. However, Triple H was competing in Crown Jewel and he was injured. Now he can not be seen fighting for six to eight months.

It was hoped that these two greats would face the next year. Although the WrestleMania will be fine next year, but the two will not be hostile. In such a situation, the company can show hostility to the drook. With this Dru will also get the support of a large wrestler who can show them bigger and Batista will also be able to make his return to the ring.

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