wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :- { The Undertaker Retirement }

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions, match card, venue, logo and Stadium for main event of wwe in the year of 2019, so lets check here all about wrestlemania 35

Rumors have begun for WWE's biggest PPV WrestleMania 35. There is still a time remaining about five months for PPV to start, but the fans are still interested in this PPV. WrestleMania is called WWE's biggest PPV, where Fans is seen to be the biggest competitions in a year.

One thing is clear from the way the storyline is currently seen in WWE, that the fans are going to get to see many bombshells in WrestleMania 35. However, there is no official announcement of any match for WrestleMania 35 yet.

However, according to the ongoing storyline, we can estimate what potential competitions can be seen at WrestleMania 35. In this connection, let's take a look at the possible matches and their results in WrestleMania 35

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :-

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1. AOP vs The Revival - Raw Tag Team Championships

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

The Tag Team Division's condition in Monday Night Raw is not good, but the tag team division has AOP and the Revival teams that have a lot of potential. Although both teams have become victims of bad booking in Raw. The condition of the revival is much worse than the AOP.

Recently, AOP had its name in the Raw Tag Team Championship, and there is a complete possibility that WrestleMania 35 will be the AOP itself as the Raw Tag Team Champion. In such a way, Rivalmania 35, as the rival, the Revival is the best choice. We think WWE WrestleMania 35 could include The Revival in a match against AOP to showcase their potential.


Estimates: AOP Wins

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :-

2. The Uses vs. Sanity - SmackDown Tag Team Championship

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

When Team Team Sanity debuted against The Uses in the main roster, all the fans felt that this team would be the most remarkable Tag Team of SmackDown, but it did not happen. Sanity and The Usose's antagonism ended soon without any reason.

In a way, where The Usoj is constantly appearing in the episode of SmackDown Live, Sanita is missing from the SmackDown show as well as the PPV. At present, The Bar is a SmackDown tag team champion, but his WrestleMania 35 is likely to remain a champion for a long time.

We think Vince McMahon would like to compete for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships between Saniti and The Usos at WrestleMania. We think Vince McMahan may not have a good match with Sanity vs. The Uses for the SmackDown tag championship match.


Estimates: Sanity Wins

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :-

3. Shinsky Nakamura vs Rey Mysterio - United States Championship

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

Since Shinsky Nakamura has been the United States Champion since then, he has been defending the title on a very opportune time. We think the WWE is making a big mistake by doing this somewhere. The possibility of defending the US title is also quite low in the WWE's upswing PPV TLC and Royal Rumble.

In this case, we can expect that Shinska Nakamura can remain United States Champion till WrestleMania 35. Ray Mysterio, who is currently involved in rivalry with Randy Orton, but his storyline is not expected to last long.

We think Ray Mysterio can be included in the WrestleMania 35 for the United States Championship against Shinseck Nakamura. If this match is a book, then the probability of Ray Mysterio's victory will be considerable.


Estimates: Ray Mysterio's victory

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :-

4. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziegler - Intercontinental Championship

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

There have been rumors since the past that Drew McIntyre can be seen competing for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 35 but given the current situation, the possibility of joining the Universal title is less likely.

We know that WWE Dru is considering giving Big Push to McIntyre in 2019 but McIntenair may have to wait further for the Universal title to join the competition. In this case there will definitely be a second plan for WWE Dru McIntyre.

We think it can be seen in the WrestleMania 35 for the intercontinental championship between Drew McIntyre and Dolf Ziegler. Both superstars are known to give excellent performance in the ring, in which WWE will not have to work harder to hit this match.


Estimates: Winch of Drew McIntyre

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :-

5. Triple H vs Batista

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

Till the time Triple H had not been hurt in the chest muscles, there was a lot of competition between him and Batista in WrestleMania 35, but his injury in Crown Jewel has raised suspicion over the match.

In the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live, Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton and Ric Flair were seen together during a segment. After that the rumors of Triple H and Batista began to rumble. Although there is still 5 months remaining for WrestleMania 35 and Triple H might be recovering completely from injury in so many times. If this happens then it would be a big deal for Triple H and WWE Universe.

If we think Triple H will fit up to WrestleMania 35 then the chances of joining with Batista will be quite high.


Estimates: Triple H's win

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :-

6. John Cena vs Undertaker: Losing Superstars Will Be Retired

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

There are two potential opponents for Undertaker at WrestleMania 35, with Sean Michaels and the other John Cena in the first place. Both superstars can be included for Undertaker's retirement match. Although fans again want to watch John Cena vs Undertaker in WrestleMania 35

Faces in the WrestleMania 34 were seen to match the fiance between John Cena and Undertaker, so the fans were not happy at all. In this match, John Cena had lost a one-sided defeat and the match was given very little time.

At WrestleMania 35, Vince McMahan can probably book John Cena versus Undertaker. In this match, the superstar, who has to lose a retirement, can make this match interesting by adding such a condition. We do not think this can be a good match and stage for retirement of Undertaker.


Estimate: Undertaker's retirement with John Cena's win and defeat

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :-

7. Alexa Bliss vs. Naya Jacks vs Sasha Banks vs Belly - Raw Women's Championship

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

Of all the bouts we have anticipated so far, it is most likely to be of this competition. Currently, competing between Alexa bliss versus Naya Jacks versus Sasha Banks versus Bailey in WrestleMania 35 for the Raw Women's Championship is the most appropriate option.

Now you might be thinking that why we did not include Ronda Raozy in this match, we would like to tell you that if Ronda Raozi joins this match, then any interference from Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair may be in this match. If Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair interfere in this match then there will be no strong superstar for SmackDownWomen championship.

Looking at the current situation from our view, SmackDown Live is in dire need of Ronda Rauzi. At the same time, joining the belly for the Raw Women's Championship in WrestleMania, Fans can also get a new champion.


Estimate: Naya Jacks' Win

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions :-

8. The Miz vs Daniel Brian - WWE Championships

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

For the last time Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz is rumored to compete for the WWE Championship in Wrestlemania 35, and by looking at the current situation, it can be said that Fans could win the WWE Championship between WrestleMania 35 in The Miz vs. Daniel Brian Can compete.

Meanwhile WWE has made Daniel Brian a new twist by becoming the champion of the heel. We think WrestleMania 35 will be seen in the form of The Maze Babies and Daniel Bryan is competing for the WWE Championship in the form of heels.

Both superstars have been part of WWE for a long time. All the fans are familiar with their ring skills and fantastic bouts. In such a situation, Faces in WrestleMania 35 can be seen to see a booming match between The Miz vs Daniel Bryan.


Estimate: The Miz Wins

9. Brock Lesnar vs. Sath Rolins - Universal Championship

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

There have been reports from the past few days which are pointing out that there will be a competition between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35. We also agree to a great extent that Faces in WrestleMania 35 can get a match between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins for the Universal title.

In this match, WWE could easily include Sath Rolins by utilizing Roman Ryan's storyline. Roman Rance had to leave his Universal title due to illness, after which Sath Rollins became very emotional.

We think WWE will book Seth Rollins as a winner in the 30 Man Royal Rumble match next year, in a match against Brock Lesnar for the Universal title at WrestleMania 35. At the same time, Sath Rolins has the highest entitlement to win.


Estimates: Sath Rollins will be the new Universal Champion

10. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair Vs Ronda Rousseau - SmackDownWomen Women's Championship

wrestlemania 35 matches And Predictions

The Rallya Rouseie versus Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch in WrestleMania 35 might be the biggest match of this PPV. The way in which Ronda Raúzi vs. Charlotte Flair has been seen in the Survivor Series, it is clear from one thing that WWE Charlotte vs. Ronada's animosity will not end like that.

Apart from this, Becky Lynch, who was out due to injury in the Survivor Series and has returned to the recent SmackDown Live episodes. In TLC PPV, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are going to compete for the SmackDown Women's Championship. Apart from this, Asuka has also joined in this fight.

We think the hostility will resume from here between Becky and Charlotte, which will last until WrestleMania 35. In such a way, there will be no other option except for competing with the WWE for WrestleMania 35, against the Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rouseie vs. Becky Lynch for the SmackDownOne Championship championship. We think this match will be the biggest match for the fans.


Estimate : Becky Lynch Win

10. These 5 WWE Superstars who can retire after WrestleMania 35

  • # 5 Matt Hardy

  • # 4 The Big Show

  • # 3 Kurt Angle

  • # 2 Triple H

  • # 1 The Undertaker

All Are These Wrestlemania 35 matches and predictions 

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