WWE Raw results LIVE: November 5, 2018

WWE Raw Result 5 nov 2018WWE Raw Live Results, Raw Highlights 2019, Monday Night Raw Results Only On wweraw, Watch Get Complete WWE RAW results Here

WWE Raw Result 5 nov 2018

WWE Raw Result 5 nov 2018

Drew McIntyre Vs Kurt Angle (won Kurt if he would be captain of Raw in Survivor Series)

The droves are already in the ring while Kurt Angle is heading towards the ring. Kurt Angle attacked the Druck as soon as he came, but after returning the drook, he pushed Kurt on the steel steps outside the ring and then killed the neckbreaker in the ring. Years later Kurt Angle is fighting in main event of RAW. About 13 years later, Kurt has won a singles match at Raw.

Kurt hit Belly to Belly and covered again but kick-out. Kurt wins this match every now and then.Kurt Angle returned to the match and hit Superlocks, Kurt hit three German supplexes. Drew hit the stunning kick by Kurt Angle. Kurt's condition looks bad.

Kurt is trying back, but the Drew has attacked. The condition of Kurt Angle looks very bad, it looks like loses the kurt before deciding. This is what Kurt has installed an angle lock, somehow the drook saved himself. Drew has now slammed Angle Slam for Kurt. Drew has now locked the angle and Kurt is screaming with pain and Kurt has tapped out. With this Dru has won the victory. After the match, Kurt is sad in the ring while Drew Backstage

Winner - Drew McIntyre


Naia Jacques Vs Amber Moon || WWE Raw Result 5 nov 2018

Naya Jacks is standing in the ring in advance, while Amber Moov has an entry. Nea Jacks tried to hold on to the beginning but Moon repelled. However no move to Moon in front of NAJY JACKS came to work. Naia Jacks showed Samba drop and won the Aambar Moon by showing her strength. After the match, Tamina has come and she killed the Amber Moon with the Samoa drop. This is what Naia Jacques and Timina have started to beat Amber Moon.

Winner - Naya Jacques


Elian Vs Dolph Jigler || WWE Raw Result 5 nov 2018

Both are present in the ring. The fight has also begun. There is a tremendous match of the cardamom and dolphs, both are trying to pin each other but no one is giving a chance, Dolph kicked the drop while Elias returned immediately in the match. Elias has now jumped from the top rope but Dolph has been removed. Now Dolph has made the control.

Winner - Elian


Jindar Palace Vs Apollo Cruise || WWE Raw Result 5 nov 2018

Jindar Mahal has signed Sunil Singh with him. Oppo cruise has now come out. Apollo Cruise has knocked the knot in Drop Kik Mari, Jindar Mahal, but got kick out. Apollo cruises are still attacking on Zinder. Apollo Cruz picked up Zindar and slammed it and then hit the standing Moon salt again.

Winner - Apollo Cruise


Opening sagment

All superstars are standing on stage while the security guards near the ring. Acting general manager Baron Corbin has now come and went to the ring.

Corbin - All of you are welcome in Raw, all of these security for me. Now the Survivor series is on its way, and Raw-SmackDown's superstars will fight among themselves. Brock Lesnar and AJ Stiles will be in the match, Ronda Rauzi's Jung Becky Lynch. There will also be 5 on 5 elimination matches. Shane McMahan got the wrong done in Crown Jewel. I promise that RAW will win in Survivor Series and I will become general manager forever.

I can not fight but I can make the team. First of all, Dolf Jigler, Drew McIntyre, Braun Stroman I think Stroman is nervous to me but he will understand why I did this. The captain of the team will be Alexa Bliss.

Thank you in Alexa-Baron, you have given me the responsibility of choosing a team whom I will be doing well. Let me tell all the Womens Superstars that I will be watching closely all of you. First of all, the match of Ryuit Squad will be against Natalia, Sasha Banks and Bailey. (This is what music of Kurt Angle is ringing.Fans are doing chants)

Have fun playing matches in the Kurt-World Cup Last time I had a chance in Survivor Series, this time I will do something. When I was in power, I had taken all the decisions. Why did not you win both the matches and the winner got a chance in the Survivor Series as well as the captaincy. You are speaking to everyone to step up but you can not come yourself.

Baron - If you want to fight in the match then okay we both will fight matches. Fans are blaming Baron's jokes.


ये क्या ब्रॉन स्ट्रोमैन बाहर आ गए है और सीधा रिंग की और बढ़े, सभी सिक्योरिटी को गिरा दिया है। बैरन कॉर्बिन भाग गए हैं , ये क्या पूरा लॉकर रुम स्ट्रोमैन पर अटैक कर रहा है। लेकिन अब सभी स्टेज पर लड़ रहे हैं, स्ट्रोमैन अब बैकस्टेज आ गए है और कॉर्बिन को तलाश रहे हैं।


Natalia, Sasha Banks and Belly Vs Reyat Squad || wweraw

Natalia was the first to enter the Barry's Barry brand and now the Reit Squad is coming. This is happening for Survivor Series. There is also a rematch of Evolution. On the start of the match, Rytt Squawk attacked everyone. Now Natalia is getting attacked. Reyat Squawd has overwhelmed, but the banks get the tag and drop the kick. Banks have emptied the entire ring. Leaves Morgan to double ni mari and backstepper in the banks. Ruby is in the ring while Bailey has a tag.

Bailey has introduced a suicide dive outside the ring. Again, Reyat squat caught hold of Sarah Logan now comes in the ring. Now Morgan has the tag and is covered on belly but kick-out. Bailey tagged Natalia and came in with the German Suplex. Natalia put Sarah as a sharpshooter, while Natalia had brought her father's eyeglasses together and it was fighting for them, Ruby Reyat broke glasses and Natalia started crying.


Seth Rollins Segment

Intercontinental Champion and Raw Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins is getting entry. Seth Rollins is bringing both team titles to the tag team. After fighting with Dean, it looks like they will return the Tag Team title.

Rollins- I thought I would come up with three titles and the World Cup but I could not win the World Cup. Everyone thought that Storman would win, but this did not happen because of Corbin. Roman Rena did everything to win this title from Brock, but Brock was given the title again. This is slap on the mouth of the Roman Rena with all of you, the Fans Roman Rene chants are doing.

Right now, Brock is not here but Dean is here. Shield was at the top for some time, but today nothing. I last had some questions from Dean but Dean did not respond. I once again question Dean, but I will not waste your time. I think I can not defend two titles at once. On the big screen, Corbin came in and he placed Seth's tag team against MatchOthers of Pain.


Sath Rollins Vs Author of Pane (Raw Tag Team Championship)

Rollins is alone for this match, will Dean Ambrose come for help? Rollins are fighting alone and the AOP has spoiled the condition of the rollins. Ekam and Razzar attacked Rollins first by cloathline and then double team. Rollins were covered by AKM but kick-out. Rollins is poor, while AOP has a good chance of becoming a champion.

Rollins returned to the match and put a double suction dive outside the ring. Inside the ring, the swing hit the blade and then covered the block buster, but the kick was done. Rolins sprayed the supikik woman and above the ring and then covered, but got kick out. Razor hit the double bomb and hit the team by hitting the power bomb. With this, now the new tag team champion of the Author of Pen RAW is the champion.

Ambrose has come on the ring side from the middle of this crowd. Now embossed in the ring.

Dean- You wanted to know why I did this. (This was done without giving a reply to Rollins, Dean killed Dirty Deeds and left there.) After all this, Rollins went backstage while faltering.

Winner- Author of Pen

WWE Raw Result 5 nov 2018 :- 

Now that the time in the Survivor Series has been shortened, the company would like to extend this show by all means and would also like to see that fences show curiosity towards this show. The company has also announced a match between Raw Universal Champion vs. SmackDown WWE Champion. This week his advocates will try to make their match better in Raw. What will be the next step of Stormman?

Dean and Sath are still the tag team champions. But whatever the circumstances are, they all know. It will also be worth seeing what will happen next.




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