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wweraw results 26 nov 2018, Raw Live Results, 26 Nov 2018, wweraw

Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin || wweraw results 26 nov 2018

Both superstars have come in the ring. The fight has started. Finn Balor has started attacking at the start. It's almost ten minutes to play this match. In the meantime, Finn Balor put his finishing move twice, while Corbin put the move once. Both did not give up. Although Fin Balor dominated the entire match. Finally, defeating Baron Corbin announced that the match will now be a one on two match. And he called his partner McIntyre. The bullers jumped on McIntyre out of the ring and after this the baron was also thrown on the cheer.

But McIntyre came and attacked again from the back. Winning the match with a great kick in the ring. After this Lashley has also come. All three together beat the Finn Baller badly



Seth Rollins Segment || wweraw results 26 nov 2018

Seth Rollins opted for the Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge and came to Jigler. After this the contest has started in both. Seth initially attacked Jigler by attacking him. After this Jigler knocked down Seth. Jiggler then dripped and covered it but Sip survived.

Jigler is constantly attacking Sath now. Seth dropped the clawline and dropped Jigler. Sath has slung on the sling bullet and has leaped over with the top rope. The top rope gives Jigler twice a blow to Seth. Seth tried to put his move, but Jiggler felt himself. Seth still not lost.

Seth covered with a kick on Jigger's face but Jigler cut out. Seth then tried to hit his finishing move but Jigler hit Zick Jack. Seth still not lost. Seth tried to roll but Jigler has killed DDT. Jiggler has climbed the top rope. But Seth went and covered two suplexes and covered the title.



Amber Moon vs Elisa Fox || wweraw results 26 nov 2018



The Author of Pen vs Chad Gable, Bobby Rood (Raw Tag Team Championship Match) || wweraw results 26 nov 2018

The match has started. Initially Chad and Bobby have attacked. Bobby Rood, in particular, looks very angry. But the last match that the two performed did not do it here. Akam and Razor did not give any chance to both of them after this. In a short span, Akam and Razor have defended their title

Although Maverick again played his role in this win Actually, Maverick came across the big screen in the middle of the match. He is wearing a jacket of Bobby Rood. After that he took the jacket and put it in a cambodia and put the bathroom on top of it. Bobby Rood is not able to bear this thing. Now Razor and Akam picked up the advantage of this and won the match


Segment of Timina and Naia Jacques || wweraw results 26 nov 2018

Both have come in the ring.

Naya: I must say thanks to the RAW roster. Everyone knows what I did in Survivor Series. Everyone knows what happened to Becky Lynch. I will also take titles from Ronda Rauzi in TLC.

After this, Naya showed everyone the video of the match between the two in June last year. And then also showed the Survivor Series.

NA: This way no champion is beaten. Ronanda is similar to that but I have changed. After all I have done what Ronda has to avoid.

After this, Nanda has made a lot of fun for Ronda, but Ronda has come.

RONDA: You get a credit for the Battle Royal.You were just lucky. Whatever you did with Becky also was your luck. But all this will not happen now. You will not get all this in TLC. Leave this but I'm a fighting champion. So just compete with me if you have courage.

Nea Jacques then declined for this fight. And from the back Timina came and surrounded them too. Natalia has come to save Ronda. But Reyat Squad attacked them. Ronada came out of the ring and saved Natalia.




The Revival vs Lucy (3 On 2 Match) || wweraw results 26 nov 2018

The match was fantastic. But at the end of the match there was a shocking thing Lucha defeated The Revival very easily. The match was too short, but Luca's three superstars did not give any chance to The Revival with their agility.


Bobby Lashley VS Elias || wweraw results 26 nov 2018

The fight has started. The point of danger for the cardamom is that the McIntyre and Baron Corbin are also present. Lashley has attacked since the beginning. Elias kicked Lashley out of the ring and knocked him out of the ring. After this, Lashley threw Eliose on the rope inside the ring. After that Bobby covered the elair by killing two close lines, but he survived. After this, Bobby threw Elbow and Kick on the ring corner to Lashley. But Bobby has returned and thrown Elias out of the ring after dropping a great drop.

Elias slashed Lashley by killing Elbo and Close Line. And topping the top of the rope and then covering the elbow and covered. But before reaching the three counties, Leo Ras pulled the foot of the referee. After this Baron made the match no disqualification. Outside the ring, Baron and McIntyre have been attacked by Elias.

But as soon as he went to kill Bobby in the ring, Baron then hit him behind. Baron then beat him badly with cheer, and then all three of them outside the ring badly beat the cardamom. Lashley gave Running Spear Elair to Strand's Andar in Running. After this Bobby Lashley covered the ring and won the match.




Serenity of Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and McIntyre || wweraw results 26 nov 2018

Baron Corbin welcomed everyone. After this the three talked about Bronstromman and told them what to do with them last week. Baron Corbin also shared the video to remind fans. After this, a video was shared, in which Braun Stroman is present in the hospital. And from there they talked about killing three of them after a comeback. Baron Corbin said after TLC to become a fully general manager and who would not be with him and who did not.

अचानक अंधेरा छा गया और रैंप पर इलायस आ गए है। इलायस ने पहले बैरन कॉर्बिन ने कहा लेकिन बाद में लैश्ले को चैलेंज कर उनका मजाक उड़ाया। अब दोनों के बीच वन ऑन वन मुकाबला शुरू होगा।

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