Farmers of Gujarat are earning millions of crores by cultivating Chandan - read farming method

It is not necessary that you get all the hard work as you always do. People are becoming millionaires by taking advantage of government schemes. One such name is mentioned by a farmer from Gujarat. They got the benefit of them. The Gujarat farmer earned more than 30 crores by taking advantage of the scheme organized by the Modi government. This is a fair truth.

Farmers are cultivating sandalwood.

Friends, a farmer from Kalashayana village in Bharuch district, Alapeshbhai Patel, started this sandalwood cultivation. In 2010-11, he had to leave some of the Chandan in the forest department using the local legislator and Ihsirasinh Patel. Alpesh Bhai Khedut had started sandalwood cultivation on two acres of land. Now all these plants have become big trees and each tree has a total value of 30 crores. This gave the farmers the confidence of generally being profitable.
Gujarat government introduced Chandan's farming bill

Farmer Alpeshbhai Patel says that in 2003, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi took a big decision in the government and the state. Actually Chief Minister Narendra Modi passed the law by bringing a bill in the state legislature to implement these faces, for the fact that in 2003, Narendra Modi had given permission to cultivate Chandan in the entire state by placing Gujarat's Dang district. According to this bill, every farmer of Gujarat was able to cultivate Chandan. To sell the Chandan shrub in the market, the farmers had to give Rs. 20 royalty to the government. Farmers Alpsbhai Patel is taking advantage of this scheme and earning crores of rupees by taking advantage of this scheme.


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