The process of transit of land inheritance can now be done manually online

The state government has decided to make a revenue collection service online after the non-permanent online approval of the state government. But most farmers do not have computer knowledge and inadequate connectivity in villages have been questioned against the success of the service. On the other hand, farmers do not have sufficient knowledge of computers, intermediaries and cyber Farmers take advantage of café businesses opportunity If money khankhere whom it is its responsibility to apply sethi rose in question.

Applying for online application of inheritance change note

* For the heir note, the application for online succession note in the type of application on the website will be chosen.

* All the details mentioned in the application must be entered in the Shruti font as a form of data. The details of the Shruti font are displayed on the iora site.

* Certificate of Death with signed application and the death of the deceased account holder will be uploaded by scanning the firm's name and in the maximum 15 days from the date of submitting the application, the original documents will be submitted at the e-center of the taluka.

* Not to upload any other document like 7-12, 8-A with the application.

* If there is a court order for a specific case, its details will be uploaded.

* If there is a court order for a specific case, its details will be uploaded.

* After submitting data of all the above data and uploading the necessary documents, the applicant's application will be blocked in the form of a raw note.
* With the script along with the details of the deceased and his descendants, the number of online cardboard or raw notes in that village will be generated.

* If the applicant and the applicant have submitted the details of the mobile number, then all the fixed SMS will be sent to them.

The e-Dhar center will do this

* Online succession notes will appear in auto mutation register.

* E-Dhariya Dy. Mamlatdar will have to get a copy of the certificate of death and the copy of the firm and the print of the application from the auto mutation register.

* The 8-A and 7-12 print of that account will have to be obtained from their login.

* The applicant will have to receive death certificate and the firm and original application will be received online, so that the applicant can be informed by SMS.

* If the above documents are not submitted by the applicant for 10 days from the date of submission of the application, on 11th day the system showing the details will be required by NIC to go to the system generated * SMS.

* From the introduction of the death certificate and the name of the deceased, the Deputy Mamlatdar E-Dhill will receive an acknowledgment for giving him the name of the officer who has decided to give the note to the competent authority in his / her login.

* The decision of the succession note will be to check all the provisions as per the rule.

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